Mr. Musa Netshivhambe (Cert.Nat.Sci) Team Leader is a vibrant professional with an out of the box thinking philosophy. His 15 years solid unrelenting ...

Mr. Musa Netshivhambe (Cert.Nat.Sci) is a Team Leader and a vibrant professional with an out of the box thinking philosophy. His 16 years solid unrelenting knowledge and experience in Integrated Environmental Management, Quality Management Systems as well as Health & Safety have landed him several awards and recognition from throughout his career. He Graduated from the University of Venda with Masters of Environmental Sciences and Bachelor of Environmental Management. 

Professional areas of Specialisation:

  • SHERQS (Safety, Health, Environment, Risks, Quality and Security)
  • Environmental Management
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Land and Rights Negotiations

Awards and Recognitions

2013: Eskom Limpopo Operating Unit, Highly Commended Manager’s award in the category Innovation in recognition of a contribution of exceptional value to Eskom

2013: Eskom Limpopo Operating Unit, Manager’s Award on the category Customer Satisfaction in recognition of a contribution of exceptional value to Eskom

2013: Eskom Limpopo Operating Unit, Manager’s Award for the category Sinobuntu in recognition of a contribution of exceptional value to Eskom

 (for successfully coordinated the resolution of SHEQ outstanding Endangered Wildlife (EWT) Action Items while at the same time maintaining a balance of his normal duties)

2013: Eskom Asset Creation, Award of Recognition in the Category EXCELLENCE

2013: Thomani Primary School, Awards of Recognition for donating a Laptop and Mordem

2011: Eskom Network Services, Award of Recognition in the category Excellence

2002: Vice Chancellor Best Student Awards 


2003 – 2004 Part of the team and student leader for the Virginia (USA) and Venda (South Africa) weekly academic seminar series conducted via video conferencing facilities:

2005 Attended the summer classes offered by the University of Virginia (United States)

Mr Netshivhambe's career kickstarted in 2003 – 2006 when just after his completion of his Bachelor of Environmental Management Degree was retained as Part-time Junior Lecturer for the Department of Ecology and Resource Management, University of Venda (School of Environmental Sciences)

At the time, his responsibilities included but were not limitted to:

  • Teaching and supervising undergraduate students on Environmental/Ecology and Resource Management modules in Environmental Sciences.
  • Developing curriculum for programmes for undergraduate degrees and diplomas in environmental management
  • Providing leadership in Community Based Conservation Activities related to environmental management
  • Undertaking research on Waste Management and Pollution and consultancy work in Environmental Impact Assessments for both Private and government departments.
  • Providing leadership to undergraduate student in field classes in Environmental Management
  • Assisting the HOD in providing strategic direction to the department (staff and students).

His vibrancy landed him a post and 2006 Associate Environmental Scientist Intern:

Council for Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) – Pretoria

Responsible for assisting the Senior Consultant with the:

  • Assessment of the feasibility, and potential environmental impacts of new rural land use systems;
  • Development of indicators of environmental sustainability for rural land use systems
  • Assessment and monitoring sustainability of rural land use systems using relevant indicators;
  • Identification of sustainability challenges and obstacles related to rural land use; and searching for their solutions;
  • Development and implementation of practical and affordable strategies for achieving environmental sustainability in rural land use systems;
  • Development of rural land use models that integrate high economic productivity and environmental sustainability.

His Career kick started at the University of Venda just after completion of his Bachelor of Environmental Management when he was retained and appointed as Part-Time Junior Lecturer at the Department of Ecology and Resource Management School of Environmental Science – University of Venda

In No time, 2006 – 2007, he was appointed as Associate Environmental Consultant at Marsh Environmental Services (A Division of Marsh and McLennan Companies) – Benmore Gardens (Sandton – Johannesburg) His responsibilities included undertaking Environmental Impact Assessments which included compilation of scoping reports, basic assessment reports, application for exemptions, public participation process, Stakeholders engagement, environmental planning, and landscape rehabilitation.

He later Joined Mabesa Environmental Services (Krugersdorp-Johannesburg) in 2007-2008 Consulting Manager: Environmental Impact Services

His responsibilities included but was not limited to:

  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems)
  • Environmental Impacts Assessments (EIA) for specific development activities, meeting environmental obligations at the inception of the appropriate projects
  • Public Participation Process
  • Project Management involving the co-ordination of multidisciplinary processes and reports
  • Ecological Assessments and Surveys
  • Impact Evaluation and Significance Rating
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHE)
  • Environmental Mitigation and Control
  • Identification and mapping of rural land use
  • Fauna and Flora Investigations (Biodiversity)
  • Environmental Risk and Liabilities Assessments
  • Environmental Policy Formulation and Implementation
  • Environmental Management Plans for development projects during construction, rehabilitation and operational phases
  • Advice on Invasive Alien Plant Eradication
  • Environmental Awareness and Capacity Building/Training

In 2008, He was appointed as Environmental Management Officer for Eskom Distribution – and was based in their Rustenburg (North West Province).  He was later transferred to Eskom Distribution Polokwane Office in 2009 where he continue to Serve as Environmental Management Officer for Thohoyandou and Tzaneen Areas.

Environmental Management Systems

  • Assist in developing, implementing and monitoring compliance
  • Responsible for Managing Environmental Consultant carrying-out environmental Authorizations for projects;
  • Monitoring compliance of projects buy contractors; developing Environmental Management Programmes (EMPs);
  • Provide environmental training and awareness to employees.
  • Investigating environmental incidences;
  • Preparing reports and liaising with various statutory bodies.

Conducts Environmental Impact studies:

  • Collating data and identifying sensitive areas.
  • Consulting with Statutory Authorities, landowners, pressure groups and interested and affected parties.
  • Researching and evaluating all Environmental data.
  • Integrating ESKOM proposals and its consequence with environmental findings and compiling recommendations.
  • Manipulating Environmental and Technical Data.
  • Assisting in final selection of routes or sites which will result in minimum Environmental impact.

Develops Environmental Management Plans:

  •  Developing guidelines for construction, operational and maintenance methods.

Communicating all records of decision.

Auditing and monitoring the implementation action on the environment as recommended in the management plan.  

In November 2011 – September 2014 He was appointed as Senior Environmental Supervisor for Eskom Limpopo Operating Unit (Polokwane)

Hus responsibilities included but were not limited to:

  • Supervision and team leadership for the sub –section
  • Environmental Incident Investigations
  • Financial management and Staff Development
  • Safety & Risk Management and emergency preparedness Stakeholder management Ensure Environmental Management compliance
  • Management of Environmental Impact Assessments for Capital Projects
  • Provide Environmental Management Service to the Business
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Implementation and maintenance for Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001)
  • Implementation and maintenance for Quality Management Systems (ISO14001)
  • Implementation and maintenance for SHEQ Management systems
  • Management of different service providers for Environmental management Impacts Process (i.e. Ecologists, Hydrologists, Heritage impact specialists, ornithologists, Endangered Wildlife Trust etc.)


In September 2014 he decided to be on his own and now dedicated in serving as

Director and Team Leader for Ourbiosphere Environmental (Pty) Ltd

He is responsible for:

  • Compliance Management Plans
  • Construction monitoring (Environmental Control Officer)
  • Contaminated Site Management Services
  • Corporate Sustainability Strategy Services
  • Environmental and Sustainability Training
  • Environmental compliance training
  • Environmental damage assessments
  • Environmental Due Diligence Services
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001:2004)
  • Environmental Planning
  • Environmental, Health and Safety Legal Compliance
  • Environmental, Social and Health Management and Action Plans
  • Impact Assessment and Planning Services
  • Gap analysis
  • Permitting Requirements Analyses and  Support
  • Product Life Cycle Assessment and Management
  • Public Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Site and Route Selection Studies
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs)
  • Sustainability and Strategic Consulting
  • Tree identification and Training
  • Vegetation Management
  • Vegetation mapping and assessments
  • Water and Waste Licensing and Management Plans
  • Wetland mitigation planning
  • Wetlands Management and Delineations

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Mr. Musa Netshivhambe (Cert.Nat.Sci) Team Leader is a vibrant professional with an out of the box thinking philosophy. His 15 years solid unrelenting